Pittsburgh Hot Air Balloon Rides

Welcome to Pittsburgh Hot Air Balloon Rides, home of the best hot air balloon rides available. Are you looking for a great way to have fun in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area? We hope you are looking for an experience that is both serene and exciting. You can have both, because we know the best balloon rides are comfortable and entertaining.

Our ballooning experts and friendly customer service staff are available seven days a week. Pittsburgh Hot Air Balloon Rides offers several hot air balloon ride packages. How can we assist you?

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  • Shared Balloon Rides

    Pittsburgh Hot Air Balloon Rides Shared Ballooning Experience A great first hot air balloon ride.

    The best hot air balloon ride option for someone just thinking about trying it out is a shared balloon ride. Most gondolas hold between 2 and 8 passengers, but we will accommodate your group, no matter the size. Check for available basket capacity and bring a group of friends on a hot air balloon ride, come alone, or bring a date. Ashared balloon ride is a shared experience. When the basket is full, we take off.

    If you plan on coming in a group, be sure to ask about basket capacity. We will accommodate your party with exactly what you need to have a great ballooning experience.

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  • Private Balloon Rides

    The Pittsburgh Hot Air Balloon Rides Private Ballooning Experience An exclusive, if not romantic hot air balloon ride.

    A private balloon ride is a pure and beautiful way to see the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. See the sky and the scenery in comfort, with just the people you know. An exciting adventure awaits every romantic thrill-seeker.

    A private balloon ride at Pittsburgh Hot Air Balloon Rides gives you the whole basket to yourselves. Spend around an hour floating over Pittsburgh in your own private hot air balloon, and the rest of your life remembering when time stood still.

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